Health Directions


Health Directions is a small, independently owned insurance brokerage firm located in Fairfield, CT. It is owned and operated by Mark and Curtis Bentley.


Health Directions had a problem. Sweeping changes were coming to the healthcare landscape, but their website was just not working for them. They knew it was imperative that they had a well designed, informative and usable website. Not only to serve as an educational resource for their existing clients, but to generate leads for new clients.

The basic structure of the original site was constructed so poorly, the best position it managed to reach, which was for “Health Insurance Fairfield, CT“, was at the top of the fifth page of Google’s search results, which was slightly better than not showing up at all. It also wasn’t generating any leads or bringing them any new business, which is, after all, why you build a website for your business.

When visitors did manage to land on the site, it was confusing and hard to navigate. From the Bentley’s perspective, it was nearly impossible to update the content with the CMS (content management system) the previous developer chose.


Working with Mark and Curtis, we developed a content strategy that included providing access to health and medicare information and other resources, so their customers could make well informed decisions. It was also important that this new site generates new leads for their business, so there are calls-to-action (CTAs) displayed prominently on every page.

Ultimately, you build a website for its audience. Keeping in mind that many, if not most, of the visitors to this site may be dealing with declining vision, we kept it clean and readable. The site is also responsive, meaning that it adapts to the screen that it is displayed on.


Todd upgraded our company website structure and content. His behind the scenes work enabled our website to run more efficiently, garner more internet traffic and higher search rankings. Todd is very knowledgeable, trustworthy and personable. I would highly recommend his services.  –Curtis Bentley

Health Directions is now the proud owner of a well-designed, well-structured, informative and usable responsive site that is now in line with the branding they worked so hard to develop and implement.